What If

In the beginning there was nothing, and when God created earth he also created man.   Adam and Eve, the very beginning of our ancestry, and the central cause of pain and suffering in the world.   They wondered in their world of perfection, the Garden of Eden, and spoke with our God.   They ruined the tranquility of their world by breaking the one rule that they were given; do not eat the fruit from the tree.   They sinned and were cast from the Garden of Eden for their sin.   What if Eve had never fallen for the temptation of the devil, what if neither Adam nor Eve had eaten from the tree.   I believe that we would have world peace, the religion of Christianity would never come into existence, and we could speak to our God face to face every day.

Our world is fraught with war and argument and disaster.   Everyone is constantly thinking of another way to hurt another person.   In a world where there was no sin I believe that these things would not exist.   No one would ever have to die senselessly to save another person.   No one would have to defend there country from the threat of another because everyone would get along.   There would be no countries to argue between.   There would just be places in which people settled and became comfortable. The whole world would be like a big family.   I believe that we would gather together frequently, and treat even relatives that are so distant there can hardly be a connection made like brother and sister.   Peace between those of different skins, speech, and thought.   Everyone is equal and the world is at peace.      

If we had world peace so many people would have been spared a painful death.   The thousands that died to take back the “holy land” in the crusades would never die.   The millions of people that were persecuted by the Nazis in World War II would of lived peacefully and never died.   Those soldiers that died to save those unfortunate souls that suffered the camps would of have suffered through what they saw and needed...