What If Everyone Was 100% Responsible?

What if everyone was 100% responsible?

Take one minute to think about what if everyone took responsibility for what they say, and for what they do? If people were honesty, ethical and treated people fairly, and the world would be a more pleasant place to live. Therefore, when we take responsibility for our actions, we could end bullying, discrimination and all discord in the world. Wow, World peace, can you image that?

Personal responsibility for me means to be 100% responsible for my action and my words. When I was growing up my father would tell me (on a regular basis), "Your word is your bond." He would say if tell someone you will do something for them, do it. "If you can't do it, don't say you will”. So, I have set my standards high, to be honest, ethical, and dealing with everyone fairly. Also, to show respect and staying within boundaries of what is right. There is great value in our behavior. If you expect others to be honest, respectful, then you must do the same. Truthfully, People have told me many times that most people are not that truthful. My belief is that the majority people truly want to be honest and do what is best. Therefore, we should always tell the truth, because most of the time when you lie, the truth will come out. Quoting, Sir Walter Scott, "Oh what a tangle web we weave, when we first practices to deceive" (Scott, 2014).

I think that if you are 100% responsible, then you can achieve anything you set your mind to accomplish. In college, you are responsible for making sure your work is complete, on time and turned in correctly. Also, when you are working in teams, you should make sure that you contribute to the project at hand, turn your assignments in on time and help someone when need. All in all, we will not always agree with someone else's opinion, so be respectful in the way you respond to them. Think before you speak, this is a responsible way to be.

A responsible person knows to consider that what they say to...