What I Learned

Danielle Coleman
HSS 150:10 Pilates Plus
MW 11-1150

What I Have Learned About Myself
Was it worthwhile?
Over the course of the last semester, taking a Pilates class has helped me in many ways that I really never imagined. I really never knew what Pilates was the only thing I knew was that it is was somehow related to yoga. When I simply looked up Pilates I found a lot of information pertaining to relaxation and connection the mind with the body, which I found interesting because I had been going through personal struggles that could possibly be helped by taking this class.
By knowing this going into the class I was really interested to see what it would be like. I was hoping that I could overcome my battles. This class combined with my nutrition has helped me overcome then. In this class the first paper linked nutrition, and Pilates, and a disease of our choice, I chose depression because that’s what I was struggling with. After linking them together I learned that they were closely related and by knowing that I could be prepared to make better decisions in the future knowing so. I don’t think I would have really connected the two without doing the first paper. I always knew that nutrition and exercise and depression and exercise were related but not so much nutrition with depression.

How did you do with goals?
In the next assignment I had to come up with 3 short term and 3 long-term goals. I chose to stop smoking, stop eating fast food as much and lose weight. All of the goals I have done well with besides the fast food. Fast food is something that I have eaten plenty of times throughout the week simply because I am so busy and I am ready to either eat something quick then go to bed or eat something quick and go to work. Being that I work third shift it is often times hard for me to find something to eat when I get off besides fast food so unless I go get something from the store to cook then I will be stuck eating fast food.
Was the effort put...