What Happens in Zone

The first act is in Zone takes place in the fall. Moineau uses his harmonica, Tit-Noir arrives and they talk. After they go inside the hangar. Ciboulette and Passe-Partout happens, To try to kiss her but she rejected him him insantly.Tit-Black and Moineau and the whole gang comes in and waits for the arrival of Tarzan because he go to the border between the EU and Canada. A person comes who says Passe-Partout took his wallet. Passe-Partout is punishable by Tarzan and leaves the group. The police arrived and arrested them all. The whole act is in a interrogation room. The Chief, Ledoux (the man who Passé-Partout took from) and Roger. Sparrow is the first questions he does it blind smuggling to buy a new harmonica and took lessons. The second is Tit-Black, he is blind to smuggle to prepare for the time he married. Ciboulette is after ca. There she is blind in it to sag in the Tarzan intervue. Ciboulette is after Tarzan. There are not many but the chief said that Customs is murdered on the lines. Tarzan says he does not do that. After Passe-Partout is ca. He says that Tarzan takes a long time and it is very late when it happens. Tarzan returns. The police questioned and eventually it kills the blind customs. Tarzan is in prison. Moineau and Ciboulette speaks what he thinks of the situation. Passe-Partout come and beat with Ciboulette and Moineaubecause it must be the leader. Passe-Partout takes all the money and court. Tit-Black said Tarzan to escape before hunting and Moineau and Passe-Partout. Roger arrives and asks do Ciboulette saw Tarzan. Tarzan comes after he left. Ciboulette and Tarzan has a big love scene, after that Tit-Black and Moineau comes matted. Tarzan gives money to people and said strip of Passe-Partout going. Tarzan says he has To escape, he ran but was killed by Roger.

used the French play Zone by Marcel dubé
Then this the summary