What Happened to Stan Harrison

What Happened To Stan Harrison
On 30th August it was reported that there was a discovery of a man’s body found in a laneway in Darlinghurst on the morning of 29th August 1945. “The person’s head injuries indicate that this death is highly suspicious.” Is what an unknown police officer said.
In the police report they said that a man with the name of Mr. R. Keane had reported finding a body at 7.47am August 29th 1945 in a laneway opposite to Palmer Street, Darlinghurst. The officers were quick to arrive on the scene at 8.17am. Stan Harrison was soon identified by police from papers that were found in his pockets. It appears that Stan died as a result of the head injuries.   There had been disturbance reported before the body was found, one being reported at 28 Palmer Street which is owned by a female under the name of Kate Leigh which is opposite to where Stan’s body was found.
In the coroner’s report it is stated that the body had severe trauma to the head, broken bones in the hands and alcohol in the bloodstream. Stan would have died instantly due to the severe head injuries. The Coroner’s report also states that the time of death would have been sometime between 8.30pm and 4.30am.
From the list of items found on the deceased body it suggests that was in the army and had recently been discharged and that’s why he had the record of service book as well. There was also loose change but not in his wallet which could mean that Stan had just bought something and just threw the loose change back in his pocket instead of in his wallet. There were 2 tram tickets that hadn’t been used and a picture of a woman. There was a bottle of quinine tablets that was in his pockets that are commonly used to treat malaria that he probably got from when he was in the army. There was also a letter.
The letter that was found in Stan’s possession was from a woman whose name was Kate. In the letter Kate confessed that she had met a guy at a dance in Sydney and had grew fond of him. The guy...