What Drives Me

“What Drives Me”
I am driven by the knowledge I have.   In the next year or so I will have a fortune company.   The company will sell clothing, make a diesel performance chip, diesel performance motors, cars, and will   weld anything you ever need welded.   I am able to run a   company.   I want to go to college for business, to get a good business license.   I haven’t yet decided which college I want to go to because there too many to choose from.
I am a Senior at Granger High School,   in west valley city UT.   And I will be graduating this year on June fifth, two thousand and fourteen.   I am also driven by having a goal to graduate high school, and to walk on graduation day. I am currently behind a couple quarter credits, and a few hours in citizenship.   I have plans to graduate and be able to run a fortune company in the near by future. Im atleast hoping to have it going by the time I turn 20 years of age. So that is three years from now.  
Right now I like to knowledge my self by buying atvs and dirtbikes that need work and motivate myself to work on them to learn more about them. And easier ways that are known to work on them. I also like to look up videos on you tube to see how to do certain things to work on stuff, like doing a carb clean, to rebuilding the whole motor or transmission.   An d than when im done working on them I like to resell them to make some kid of profit based of the price I bought it for an dhow much it was for parts and my time of labor I put in to them.  
I have also been looking more into how diesel performance parts work.   Such as how much torque they give out and what you can do to the motor to make it go as fast as a lambourghini. I have always loved to weld. Last year when I was a junior at granger high school is when I first took a welding class. And ever since than I have loved to weld. My instructor always ask me if I have welded before or I my dad welds for work. He tells me that I was born to weld.  
I also love to sell...