What Do You Think Is Simon’S Importance to the Novel and How Does Golding Present Him?

In the novel ‘Lord of the Flies’ by William Golding, Simon plays a very important part. He is shown to be the Christ-like figure among the boys as he performs acts in the novel that relate to acts from the bible. Golding took Simon’s name from the New Testament, referring to Peter, to whom Christ said “Upon this rock I will build my church.” Lead disciple of Christ in the Bible, Simon in the novel is a shy visionary individual unrivalled even by Piggy, who is often described as ‘clear-sighted.’ He is even presented as helpful and community-spirited when helping Ralph with the shelters yet, on other occasions, he is reclusive and solitary. Simon shows great courage and bravery when walking in the jungle alone at night and climbing the mountain to face the beast.

However, Simon is perceptive but frequently inarticulate. In Chapter 1, he is described as a ‘skinny, vivid little boy’ physically weak and tormented by the older children. On numerous occasions, he is described as ‘batty’, ‘queer’ and ‘crackers’. The boys fail to define Simon’s unique personality and he is regarded as odd due to his disparateness from the other boys. However, there is more to Simon than is perceived in the first chapter. At the end of the first chapter, the three boys, Jack, Ralph, and Simon climb the mountain where they reach an area of bushes described as ‘dark evergreen and aromatic’. Simon spoke first, calling them ‘candle buds’. Candles are an image of hope and optimism, and the fact that it is repeated emphasises its importance. Simon is presented as shy and inarticulate throughout the novel making it all the more important when he says anything at all. The link Simon has made to candles shows that he is often very profound and insightful.

Simon is also very considerate and selfless; he is the only boy who stays to help Ralph build the shelters when the other boys play. This demonstrates his helpfulness, discipline, and dedication towards the common good. Simon shows his...