What Do You See as the Positive Side of Being a Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages?

What do you see as the positive side of being a teacher of English to speakers of other languages?
Being a teacher of English to non English speakers is an exciting job! Generally, this category of learners come with a hunger for knowledge to learn a new language especially English. So, they are more motivated to do something they enjoy comparing to native speakers.
Being their teacher, I feel extremely comfortable using the language without any frustration. For me, if they are here because they have gaps and they need my help to develop themselves. I can communicate with them easily and feel their needs.
We all know that there are a number of reasons why a person would want to learn English as a second language. May be for obtaining a job,   moving to an English speaking country or they need it for their professional careers. So, I should find the appropriate learning methodology that works best for them and that responds to their needs. I should prepare specific vocabulary, readings and listening in order to prepare them for their new life. This preparation and the intention to help people learn, allow me to develop myself and enlarge my knowledge too.  
When I teach native learners, I feel unsafe to teach the language that is their mother tongue. Whereas, with non English speakers I feel simply more advanced and I feel extremely comfortable using the language, because I have a better command of English. That is why, I have to work hard to make them succeed in achieving their personal and professional goals through learning English and this, makes me feel an ideal teacher.