What Do You Believe to Be the Most Important Social Factors (Both Inside and Outside the School) Which Prevent Learners from Realising Their Educational Potential?

What do you believe to be the most important social factors (both inside and outside the school) which prevent learners from realising their educational potential?

There are many important factors that can prevent a learner from realising their educational potential whether they are internal or external to a school environment. There are many external factors that have an effect on a child’s education, such as; socio-economic factors, the position of the school or the family a child is brought up in. The internal factors can also have an influence that could prevent a learner from reaching their full potential; these could be the abilities of the teacher and the environment they are in. The quality of a child’s schooling also varies depending on the area they live in; a big influence on a child’s potential could be poverty that the child is brought up in. These factors which will be discussed will aim to show the preventions they can have on a learner reaching their full educational potential.   They can be seen as the hidden curriculum, because they each have an immense effect on a child’s education.
Learning is not a focus that is kept in schools, we learn through everyday life and sometimes this can be affected by certain issues, which can cause a child to reach academic failure.   We can recognise it is not something that we just learn from teachers; however it is clear they can have a big influence on a learner reaching their full educational potential. If teachers have the ability to make a classroom a good environment to learn a learner would feel more obliged to listen and understand the benefits of schooling. Burden (2003, p.) states ‘teachers who possess the ability to manage their classrooms are able to create an environment where learning is the focus’. Which suggests pupils will have the determination to listen and try to reach their potential because they have been placed in an environment where the outcomes are positive and specific. However if the...