What Do Women Want?

“What do women want?” If you think about it, this is a questions that is often over looked in society. Throughout history women have been over looked, and sometimes looked down upon in being equal with men. But when asking the question “What do women want?” you begin to thing what do women REALLY want?
You could ask thousands of women this question and I’m sure you would get almost the same types of answers from all of them, whether it be clothes, shoes, or any other material things. Or some women would answer with love. I asked my mom what her opinion on what women wanted was, and she replied with love, and family.
Since women almost all think the same there for answering the question similarly, I asked a guy what his answer would be. And to my suprise their answer was “my heart, and to be loved and cared about just like anyone wants”. This answer suprised me because I didn’t expect a response like this to come from a guy.
I think in Medieval times, women may have answered a little differently than today. I think that they would say women want to be married, good social standing, children to carry on the family name, and things like that. However they may answer back with love and being cared about because of courtly love.
All in all, by asking a second opinion from a males point of view, it really opens my eyes to see how they portray what women want, and also that its a pretty accurate response in my opinion because myself being a women I think I would answer the question with wanting to be loved and cared about just like anyone would want to.