What Could Happen?

Ever thought of abortions? Is it right or wrong? There are many wrong reasons for

having a abortion. Also, there are some good reasons for having a abortion too, but most

of all there are tons and tons of reasons not to get abortions! Women every single day get

abortions and give up another life. That could have been a pleasure to have in life. Think

twice before getting an abortion. Come on, women are giving up there child like they are

not important and worthless. The child’s life is worth living too. Abortions, are a terrible

thing to get. No one should get abortions because women do not know. What could

happen to them, And they risk that factor anyways.

Getting a abortion means many health risks and in danger of possibly of dying

during the operation of the abortion. After getting a abortion, women run the risk of

getting either emotional pain, regrets or even both at times. Usually women who get

abortions most likely have “anger rage at themselves and others” (Pregnancy Clinic), also

most likely there family. Women feel like it is there fault they killed their baby. They get

in so much “depression” (Pregnancy Clinic) and many horrible thoughts about suicide.

This is horrible because   women get all this regrets, and sometimes they want to kill them

selves.   They also keep having second thoughts about their life and whether if they are worth

              Gith 2

living because they did something horrible, that they thought that would have been a good
choice. For women, when getting an abortion could increase of sickness or pain can

happen;   anything can happen after abortion.   Women can get from “damage to the

cervix”(Pregnancy Clinic), to “scarring of the uterine lining”(Pregnancy Clinic), and to

damage to other organs also. There are many side effects of the operation after the a

abortion, other physical stuff is, “nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, spotting & bleeding,...