What Are Working Parameters of 4r3216 Raymond Mill in Grinding Plant?

Raymond mill and high pressure suspension grinding mill are two essential grinding equipment in the industries of mining, construction, chemical, metallurgy and road. One of our customer wants to set up carbon grinding plant with capacity of 4.5 tons per hour. As professional   Raymond mill   manufacturer, Great Wall Company proposes the 4R3216 Raymond mill in carbon grinding plant. What is the motor power of 4R3216 Raymond mill ? What is the price of Raymond mill for sale ?

Firstly, the 4R3216 Raymond mill   is named after the grinding roller number, grinding roller diameter and grinding roller height. the 4R3216 Raymond mill means 4 grinding rollers,roller diameter is 320 mm and the height of grinding roller is 160 mm . On the second, the rated motor power of 4R3216 Raymond mill is 72.5 kw in carbon grinding plant. The input size should be less than 25 mm and the output size range can be adjusted from 30 meshes to 325 meshes.

In practical process of carbon grinding plant, Great Wall 4R3216   Raymond mill capacity is similar with YGM 95 high pressure suspension mill capacity, as well as 4R3216 Raymond mill price is similar with YGM 95 high pressure suspension mill price in total. However YGM 95 high pressure suspension mill can reach the fineness of 425 meshes in grinding plant, Raymond mill can only reach 325 meshes. If you are interested in Raymond mill or high pressure suspension mill, please feel free to contact us online directly!


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