What Are the Steps of Scientific Method?

Joyce Ann B. Duca I - M5 June 24, 2010

      Living on Earth Truly was Survival of the Fittest

      After dinosaurs disappeared from Earth, mammals took center stage. Eventually one species – humans raised above all others, and that result to a special adaptation to a changing world.
      Base on the film we have seen last time, “The Miracle Planet – Survival of the Fittest”, it was shown there the incredible evolutionary pathway of our existence here in our dominant position on planet Earth as humans. It was presented there our ancestors, the earliest mammals and their way of living in order to survive. We have learned that primates developed sharp eyesight and hands that could clasp for nocturnal life in trees and later they have begun to walk upright onto open grasslands – and these was resulted because of their adaptation in their environment.
      After seeing the episode, I got mesmerized because of the amazing facts and incredible events happened during the   trace of our life – how life was evolved from its humble beginnings to the diversity of living creatures. It was indeed a great journey through a miraculous place that was designed just for the life and for the survival of living beings. For my own point of view survival of the fittest is the ability to adapt to a changing environment. It is not necessarily that the strongest who survive but more the adaptive who survive. But there is this one thing that keeps on bothering my mind, how well this ability will serve the human species in the future? Will be this effective enough for them to survive or not ?