What Are the Ends, Ways, and Means of the Attached Comprehensive Regional Strategy on Somalia

The ends, ways and means of the Comprehensive Regional Strategy on Somalia incorporate many aspects familiar in a counterinsurgency operation. The United States, along with international organizations and Somalia’s regional partners, have been relentless in reaching their collective ends for nearly twenty years. The United States’ continued efforts to protect their interests in the region are displayed in the vast amount of means that have been poured into Somalia. The formation of the ways incorporated into this assistance effort reverberates throughout the region and sets the standard for other counterinsurgency operations and United States’ diplomatic efforts throughout the world. This paper will identify the greater ends covered in the Report to Congress, the more relative ways that are best represented in the efforts in Somalia, and the means employed by all countries with a vested interest in Somalia and the surrounding region.
The ends identified in this report compliment the foreign policy objectives set by President Obama and his administration. The elimination of the terrorist threat inherent in a country lacking a reliable system of government remains the most essential end in extinguishing transnational security threats. Along with this end is the establishment of a lasting peace and politically stable Somalia. The end to establish a lasting peace can only occur through the coordinated and collective efforts of the United States, USAID, the AU, International Organizations and other Non-Governmental Organizations. The basic foundation of a more civil society capable of self-governance and the assemblage of a productive, young workforce in a healthy, educated, and economically viable population can be achieved by the concerted ways developed by global leaders concerned with the promotion of the Transitional Federal Charter in Somalia.
The US Department of State has presented many ways to achieve the President’s policy through encouraging political...