English IV (Bryant)
Pro / Con Essay
Structure your essay in the following way:
Introductory Paragraph
  * Establish the status quo
  * Don’t argue both sides of the issue
  * State your position in the thesis statement.   Do not use the first or second person.
Body paragraphs #1     Con/Pro paragraph
  * State the con in the first sentence.   Use a transition.
  * Support the con with evidence.  
  * Use at least one quote
  * Include full name and status of the source
  * Include in-text citations
  * Refute the con with a pro statement.
  * Make sure that it is a direct refutation of the con.
  * Use a transition of contrast (but, however, in spite of, on the one hand ... on the other hand, nevertheless, nonetheless, notwithstanding, in contrast, on the contrary, still, yet)
  * Support the pro with at least two quote as evidence.
  * Include full name and status of the source.
  * Include in-text citations
  * Round off the paragraph with a closing statement.
Body Paragraph #2 Con/Pro paragraph
  * Repeat the process of body paragraph #1
Body Paragraph #3
  * This paragraph may be a con/pro paragraph or simply a pro paragraph.
  * If the paragraph is a pro paragraph, use at least two quotes to support the pro.
Body Paragraph #4
  * This paragraph may be con/pro paragraph or a pro paragraph
Concluding Paragraph
  * Sum up the paper without using repetitive language.

Distinguishing Pro from the Con:
Pro is the argument in favor of your position.   Con is the argument against your position.  

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