Monday, March, 8.
That’s it I’ve finally come to the conclusion that I am far from begin your average fifteen year old boy. It was only 8:30am and I have already had a whammo!
The sweet smell of perfume, people kissing each other and even the talk in health class today about human developments were just a few of the many things that made me go whammo! It was so crazy!
I recall back to the previous night when I was passing the room of my older brother, Julian. Julian had just come out of the shower and was putting on a pair of black and red bonds underwear; I saw everything, his defined abs and his broad shoulder which had a medium amount of arm pit hair. At that point in time, like you probably already guessed, I got a whammo! The most embarrassing thing about the incident was not that he was my brother, but that was he noticed me standing there a few moments later. The fact that he slowly lowered his eyes down to my privates just to watch me increase in size didn’t help the situation either. Feeling more embarrassed than I ever had before, I slowly backed down the hallway towards my room, trying to avoid my mother who was in the laundry, which just so happened to be right next to my room. Personally, I think she knew what was going on because as I was on my way to my room, she saw me, then turned around and continued on with what she was doing. I was scared and embarrassed, but mostly embarrassed. What kind of boy in his right minds would want his own mother to notice these kinds of moments, honestly?! Seeing as she had already noticed the worst, I was contemplating weather or not I should ask her to get it checked out by a doctor, but then I realized that the idea sounded a bit stupid.
Anyway, back to today.
In maths class, our teacher, Mrs. Quong was looking different from her usual self. She was wearing a tight, skimpy, low cut tee that was just covering her belly button. One look at her and whammo! Same thing happened in English only I was resisting a...