Wgu Nbt Task 1

Homework Policy Review Task One  

Homework Policy Review
Michelle Alley
Western Governors University
NBT One Task One
August 29, 2015

Homework Policy Review Task One   page 2

Classroom management is vital to a thriving positive classroom experience. Teachers and students need clear guidelines and expectations to be successful. This creates a good environment for learning. This paper will be reflecting on one component of classroom management; homework policy. For closer examination, Scenario 2 will be analyzed for three components; positive social interaction, self motivation and active engagement.

In Scenario 2, Mr. Collett's homework policy provides numerous opportunities for positive social interaction. Mr. Collett expects his students to provide feedback on homework assignments. The class works together as a group to develop assignments. This gives students an opportunity for collaboration and to take ownership in their assignments and learning. Late assignments and uncollected homework also require a discussion between student and teacher. This is an excellent opportunity for the teacher to gain insight about the student and build a relationship. The teacher can explore the challenges the student are facing be it academic, physical or social leading both student and teacher to further growth and change. This is also a way to model and teach positive conflict resolution.

Considering a first grade classroom, the positive social interactions that Mr Collett has established in his classroom would be a good environment for younger students. The collaboration regarding homework would need to be more guided by the teacher than in a classroom of older students. However, it is an opportunity to review learning objectives and provide a foundation with young students regarding the value of studying at home. Conversations with students that have incomplete homework would be similar in a younger classroom but shorter in length and at a more...