Weymouth Steel Corporation

Weymouth Steel Corporation
There are two news for Weymouth Steel Corporation: the good news is that the company managers have decided to increase the salary and benefit of all the employees, and the bad news is many employees will be faired because of the long time slump in the steel industry. The bad news is a big challenge for the company, so the managers have to have a good communication with the employees to avoid them feel workforce.
Communication strategy
Mr. Weymouth should be multiple stage announcements of the bad and good news with the time lag, as if the management announced the good news and bad news together then the effect of the good news will be nullified. Mr. Weymouth should follow the recommendations of James. Harrison. A meeting is necessary management should emphasize on salary and benefit packages otherwise only giving the bad news will demoralized the workforce completely. The meeting should have three parts:
Firstly, Mr. Weymouth should start with the buffer in his speech by paying a compliment. And Mr. Weymouth should give the good news of the salary increase of all the salaried employees and explain the improved benefits, provision of retirement, medical and dental care and above all the life insurance of the employees. And furthermore he should also explain that in the future the company business is likely to fall 25%. In addition to that Mr. Weymouth should also talk about the needed funds to install the new production facilities within the factory to satisfy increasingly stringent federal anti pollution standards. Then he should explain that company requirement of $ 2 billion a year and how the company has been cutting down the costs for its survival.
Secondly, Mr. Weymouth now should explain the sad news of the downsizing but during this part of speech he should explain that reduction is taking place across the board; proportionally and no grade will be significantly more affected than any other. He should further emphatically...