Weve All Been There

‘We’ve All Been There’ – Mod C Related Text

Director – Nicholas Clifford
Older woman   first line
Pregnant woman   Second line
Husband   third line

They have pivotal transition moments where their lives change in this film.

Before | During | After |
She is fearful of the ruck driver and judges working classes | The husband fixes her tire and does not steal her money | She learns through the husbands gift that she can trust people again and finds her humanity |
Desperate   lost faith in people. Her body language is dejected | She receives the kind gift of money from the older woman | Regains her faith in humanity. She has hope again. |
Unemployed – desperateTempted to do something against his morals – steal | Decides not to steal from the old woman. | Learns that he is strong in spite of life’s challenges. That he is able to make the right choice and even laugh in the face of life’s misfortunes. |
| | |

The camera level is below eye-level, near the ground. There is a close up shot of the old woman kicking the tyre of the car and this really shows us her anger and frustration and then it cuts to an extreme long shot of the surroundings.

Diagetic music in the husband’s car. It really intrudes the silence and it is quite dominating and confronting and this establishes a sharp juxtaposition between the working class tradie husband and the upper middle class older woman. This helps bring tension because the music itself is quite violent. It is reinforced with the POV shots from the husband’s perspective in the car that shows is tattoos. The audience start to build a perception of this man that he is a threat. This helps us to understand the old woman’s fears.

We already see from her body language that there is a sense of desperation. There is   a decent mid shot on the restaurant. The fact the she has her back to us in the tracking shot shows us how the world has turned back on her.

The close up shot shows the downcast eyes, the...