Western Society

Arielle Yamada
Miss Stoker
AP European History
27 August 2013
Sources in Western Society reading assignments
The Middle Ages can be viewed as two things either bad or good.   The Middle Ages was known mostly for the leading up to the Renaissance period or the Black Plague.   During the time of the later middle ages, many were faced with trouble which had drastic changes to society.   The overall themes of these documents are simply, cause and effect.   In the first document, it talks about the Black Plague (or Black death as some refer to it).   The cause of how this came about would be through the expanded trade routes, which now could be done by with boat allowing rats and other vermin to carry disease to the people.   Before the people even realized it, they already started the disease without knowing.   Simply, this would be the cause which leads to the problem that most of Europe faces for a long period of time.   The effect would then be that the people would try then to “get rid of” the disease.   Though most believed that by spraying the air it would help “uncontaminate” the disease, while some tried by creating an early quarrenting system for themselves.   As you begin to read what Boccaccio has wrote, you notice that in a sense, he believes that the reason the plague began was God cursing the people for their sins.   Personally I believe that most of the people during this time viewed this as one of the reasons why the plague did come about.   In the second document it is about the Peasant revolt, more specifically the English Peasants’ Revolt.   The reason why people revolt is that they are unhappy with how they are being treated and that they want to see a change in their life.   If you take away most people’s freedom they are, at most time, going to try and get as close as they can to having as much freedom as the person above them.   For example, the peasant revolt came about because the peasants were tired about how much taxes they kept getting piled up on...