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Western Europe MNO Market Share, Size, Global Insights,
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'The Impact of Declining Mobile Roaming Prices in Western Europe: MNO Strategies to Seize Market
Opportunities,' a new Telecom Insider Report by Pyramid Research, offers an overview of the intraEuropean roaming market in Western Europe and highlights the main strategies implemented by mobile
operators to mitigate the decrease in roaming prices. It then looks into detail at three specific markets
and presents the opportunities arising from lower roaming prices.
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Key Findings

The mobile market in Western Europe has reached high penetration levels (143% in 2014 and 157%
expected in 2019) resulting from fierce competition at national levels. However, mobile services are
still produced and promoted at the national level resulting in low pan-European competition among
mobile operators and initial high roaming prices. To tackle this issue, the European Union has been
decreasing roaming prices within the EU since 2007. Complete elimination of roaming tariffs is
planned for 2018 and current price caps (in force from July 2014) will prevail until then.

Hexa Reports
Market Research Reports and Insightful Company Profiles

Intra-European roaming revenue represents 5% on average of European telcos' overall revenue.
Consumption of roaming services remains low in the EU due to high roaming prices despite
increasing intra-EU travelling. Aside from high prices, alternatives to roaming, such as Wi-Fi and NGA
hotspots, local SIM cards and multi-SIM cards also have an impact on revenue. To tackle this issue,
operators have put into place several means to increase intra-European roaming revenue. These
include 'roam like home' offers, adoption of...