Kyndel Samson
Mr. Bianco
Assignment #2 (Gym)
Wellness Policy

Poughkeepsie City School District is committed to providing school environments and experience that promote and protect children’s health, well-being, and ability to learn by supporting healthy eating choices and physical activity. I believe that the Poughkeepsie High School adapted the Wellness Policy to protect children from receiving harmful and death threatening illness like heart disease, and obesity. Poughkeepsie High School has made many changes in response to the Wellness Policy. Poughkeepsie City School District offers all students from grades K – 12 the opportunity to eat healthily and the support children need to stay physically active. I feel that Poughkeepsie High school has made outstanding choices towards involving all kids in physical activity. By doing this, they are not only allowing kids to be more healthy, but also reducing the chances for young kids to become obese, have heart disease, and contract other factors that are due to the lack of exercise. Poughkeepsie City School District also gives those students that do not receive healthy meals at home a chance to take in foods that are nutritious, and delicious. The High school also works with the community, which is awesome. Additional ways that man help student from K – 12 live a healthy and active lifestyle include, receiving not only foods that fit the Nutrition recommendations of the U.S Dietary Guidelines for Americans, but going over these guidelines and giving kids in school organic foods. This is even healthier.