Wellness and Happiness in the Workplace

Title of Article- Evolution in the Office: How Evolutionary Psychology Can Increase Employee Health, Happiness, and Productivity

Date of publication- 2012

Author- Fitzgerald, Carey J., and Kimberly M. Danner

Source of data (URL, or journal if not electronic)- Evolutionary Psychology. 2012, Vol. 10 Issue 5, p770-781. 12p.

Rationale: Why did you select this topic? - I selected this article simply because of my recent health issues. My doctors have told me that I should consider changing my career so that I can reduce my stress load. I am thinking that if I implement some of these techniques into my work day, maybe I can continue in my current career.

Summary of article: Discuss the main points of the article. Highlight specifics that are significant or interesting.  Pay particular attention to information that was not covered in class.
Conclusion: What have you learned? How can you apply this personally?
Attach copy of the article to your review if handing the paper in during class.-

This article talks about how your employers can make changes to their workplaces in order to make their employees more productive, healthy, and happy. Many workplaces environments create a mismatch hypothesis. Through evolution, human bodies have adapted and kept the best traits/practices in order to ensure our survival. However, in today’s world where things are readily available we have a mismatch with our evolutionary behaviors. “Fitzgerald, Carey J., and Kimberly M. Danner provide us with the framework for redesigning the modern workplace based on evolutionary psychological principles and empirical research.” (Fitzgerald) The parts are: sunlight, exposure to greenery, sleeping, exercise physical activity, and social interaction. (Fitzgerald)
Sunlight is an essential part of our overall health and well-being. However, many of us work indoors with few windows. Furthermore we have limited access to sunlight during our workday, limited to break times and lunch. The...