Well Grow Shampoo: Capital and Marketing Strategy.

Well Grow Shampoo: Capital and Marketing strategy.

Angel A Montaz


9 February 2015
Dianna Iobst


Asking for capital resources for the marketing of Well Grow Shampoo.

Shampoos have been around from long time, and granted, our market is rife with all manner of hear cleaning products. It is therefore understandable that the company would not be comfortable to spend a cent, let alone $200,000, on the advertisement and marketing of shampoo in a saturated market. However, it would be prudent for the company to push this product to the market. Research shows that Well Grow Shampoo among another Shampoos of our company, have the global lion share of the detergents markets, about 70% as at 2010

(Trefis Team, 2010).

That is by no means a small feat, but the market conditions are changing every day. New Shampoos are being manufactured every now and then, each promising to deliver a much better results than the rest. And with the global shift towards a greener earth, most companies find themselves implementing ‘greener’ policies and detergents are not left far behind. The formula used to make well grow shampoo, save for a few tweaks here and there, is pretty much the same.

We need to remind our customers why they will appreciate our new brands so much. The efficiency and effectiveness of well grow shampoo, as well as its gentleness on hair and the users should be emphasized to the consumers. We need to remind them that our products are of a high quality and deliver on their value. And one of the ways we can get this message across is by aggressive marketing campaigns through the mainstream media, social media and other platforms. The amount stated above may seem like a lot of money for conducting a commercial, however, it is imperative that quality is maintained not only with our product but also with our advertisements.

We have seen from successful marketing strategies before, consumer awareness, and...