Welcome to the Future

My all time favorite song is not a song you will find on the new radio stations like 93.7, 95.7, and 101.3. To get to this song you gotta go a little more towards the left on the tuner. 92.5 Country is where you can hear “Welcome to the Future” by none other than Brad Paisley.
Usually when someones in my car and I put on 92.5 they automatically start complaining about how country “sucks”. But when this song comes on their opinion shifts. This song is not only up tempo but also has a great beat. Its a song I love waking up to in the morning because it can put anyone in a good mood. It may also be a little dangerous because once it comes on in the car it makes me wanna just cruise.
Aside from being catchy and fast the lyrics to this song can really teach you something. Paisley sings about how the world has changed right before our eyes. How everything has been replaced with technology. How even when it seems something will never change it can happen in the blink of an eye. He sings about racism back when he was in high school and how through the years the world has changed significantly. How people like Martin Luther King Jr. changed the world but were never alive to see what they actually did for their people.
“I had a friend in school,running back on the football team, they burned a cross in his front yard for asking out the homecoming queen. I thought about him today, And everybody whose seen what ive seen, from a woman on a bus, To a man with a dream.”
This is where he talks about how Martin Luther King changed the world throughout all these years. This song tells me that I shouldn't let life pass me. I should really realize all the changes that I and the world have gone through already.   And really appreciate everything I have because you never know when you may need it in the future.