Transition: Changing Roles of Men and Women
Samantha Washington
July 7, 2013
Robin Benatti

Transition: Changing Roles of Men and Women
      While many men are making a transition from the working field to becoming a stay at home dad, more women are also making the transition from being a stay at home mom to becoming a working class woman. I chose this topic because of the change of the role between men and women in today’s era; It is becoming a new trend for men to be stay at home dads in the 21st century. More men are taking leave of absence, paternal leave to stay at home and raise their children. Some men have even chosen to work from home to try to balance out the work and home load. As stated in the article “Many men still struggle with finding the balance between work and home (Whalen, 2012). They are also being more on hands with the role of being the mom and tending to the usual house work that is normally a women’s job.

      As the years to come, it is expanding more and now women are becoming the breadwinners of the family. I think on a personal note, this is actually a good thing because the father and the child can bond more and establish a close relationship as a mother would with her children. I do believe that it creates a balance between the two parents and it also helps build a bond between the whole families. The first couple of years are critical to a child and the mothers touch is a natural feeling for an infant up to the toddler stages. The men then began to build a bond with the child which is something a child can embark on as they grow.

      During the 1950’s, it was traditional for the women to stay at home and tend to the daily house work and the men were the bread winners. I think that the majority of men who are choosing to be stay at home dads are taking advantage of the paternal leave benefits or have probably lost their jobs. I believe if that is the case then it is up to the other party to step in and work...

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