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What external pressures will Grant Clinic, Inc. face in the next 3 years?
It is possible some other service provider may enter in the market and get the market share of Grant Clinic.
Technological changes:
A better quality equipment may be introduced in the market to reduce the cost of service provision and better quality.
Delay in construction of Suburban Community:
As it is expected that the Suburban Community will be completed in next 3 years which is crucial for the success of new service as the target market is that community.
The inflation may enhance the cost of service.
What corrective measures will you recommend?
Quality of Service
The quality of service may help in maintaining a good reputation in the market, thus avoiding the affect of competition.
Cost of service
The cost of service should be competitive to provide the services to customer at minimum price, this helping to beat the competition.

What preventive measures will you recommend?
Keep an eye on technological improvement:
Try to keep an eye on technological improvement as there are three years time period to complete the Suburban community which is the main customer of the services to be provided.
Keep an eye on the progress of construction
If there is any delay occur in construction of suburban community the organization should adjust its plan accordingly.

How do you plan to adjust for risk?
The company should analyze the worst possible condition and should develop different sets of projected income statement keeping in view the affect of inflation or any variation in market share due to competition and technological changes.   Then company may decide what to do?
What opportunities for growth exist?
As the population of the area is 24000 people and clinic has just estimated of 25% which is just 6000 patients, there is a...