Week One

Week 2 Individual Assignment
Shequita   Johnson
Jeffrey Robey, MHR
May 7, 2010

It is essential that any organization seeking to improve overall business performance conduct a review of where they stand using a thorough assessment process in order to obtain, compare and measure results against the ideal industry standards they are seeking to emulate.  
The objective for Mario’s Pizzeria was to maximize profits while minimizing loss and utilizing the facility, staff, and equipment to their peak performance all while keeping the customer wait time under nine minutes.   The initial process they used did not meet the timeline necessary to decrease the number of lost sales opportunities due to customer walkouts.
The initial simulation allowed me to make changes in seating by changing the number of 2 people or 4 person table seating, and adding and subtracting the number of wait and kitchen staff.   I chose an alternative process which increased the seating for 2 and decreased the seating for 4.   This change increased the utilization of 4 seating tables to 98.44 percent and 2 seating tables to 85.07 percent.   I also changed the wait staff from 3 to 4 which increased utilization to 88.06 percent. There were no changes made to the kitchen personnel however unitization of the existing staff increased to 66.97 percent.     After the alternatives were chosen the simulation submitted indicated that the choices were “On Time”.     With the changes made wait time decreased to an average of 5.61, sales increased to $3,975 and profits increased significantly to $1551.   Lost sales were lowered to 105 for groups of 2 and 300 for groups of 4.  
The alternative process chosen in the second simulation included making major changes in the way Mario’s Pizzeria does business by adding new equipment that will save time and increase production.   The purchase of the Plax oven would double the number of pizzas produced using the same amount of time and the implementation...