Week 6 Checkpoint Com 220

Week 6 CheckPoint COM 220
  Gun control, say these two words in the wrong crowd and you may be in for a long argument if everyone present does not believe the same as you. Gun control has long been at the forefront of heated debates and political controversy. Would the debate be the same if everyone used the term gun education in place of gun control? The term gun control for many conjures up images of government officials, invading homes, and confiscating legally owned guns and firearms. What if gun control increases the amount of violent crimes committed with firearms? In this essay I will lay ground work for individuals to see that excessive gun control regulation does not correlate to a corresponding reduction in gun crime. Relaxing the gun control regulations in the United States would lead to a lower instance of gun related violence and crime.  

Many upon completion of this essay will undoubtedly still believe that gun control regulations prevent crime and gun related violence. Some though I hope will see the other side and come to realize that education is the key and not reducing the average citizen’s access to most types of firearms. Think back and remember what happened to Australia and England after stricter gun laws were adopted and law abiding citizens had their legally owned firearms confiscated. These countries saw an increase in gun related crime, not a reduction. Think about countries like Norway, a country with one of the highest gun ownership per capita in the world. Norway has one of the lowest gun crime rates of any country in the world. Look right at home with Texas and Florida as shining examples of states with right to carry laws and minimal gun control regulation. These states have much lower gun crime than states with restrictive gun control regulations. Excessive gun control regulation does not correlate to a corresponding reduction in gun crime. Relaxed gun control regulations and education will lower...