Week 4 Team Essay

Sampling and Data Collection Plan
Erin Kenerly, Vanneca Phelps, Dorothy Rae, Debra Simmons
QNT 561
November 3rd, 2014
Kevin Masick

In Team A’s scenario, the independent variable consists of the age group of respondents measured from Generation X,Y, and Baby Boomers, while the dependent variable measures the generated sales from each of the aforementioned groups.   It is extremely important to use the proper population and determine the accurate size.   Once the population has been identified it is then necessary to downsize the population into a specific sample group.   Addressing the population, sample, validity, ethical concerns, and data collection will create a detailed plan in which to follow during the research process.
Customers are the gauge and guide in any business therefore when conducting survey one must ensure that the information is accurate; and seeks to refute any opposing idea.   Based on the finding management will be able to make decisions that derives from the customer base.   The grass roots customers are the ones that will assist in getting the message out, the power of the consumer should never be taken for granted.   Baby boomers are fiercely brand loyal and Drink Up became part of their identity.   The soft drink was sold on the premise of making them happy, evoking a smile, it was the American way.   Over the years cokes sales have been falling off due to their consumer base being more health conscious.   According to (Esterl 2011) "About 60% of Drink Up's revenue in the U.S. is derived from carbonated soft drinks, compared with about a quarter at PepsiCo."  
Population Size
Focusing on the data from, the population size is to find out from Generation X, Y and Baby- boomers from universities and schools how much sales they generate for the beverage company. There is no possible way to sample the entire population, however; a good sample and accurate sample from a percentage of the population with the most accurate information is necessary...