Week 4 Hrm

Employee feedback has a direct affect on the employee’s performance.   Understanding this, Interclean, Inc. has created an employee feedback and performance appraisal system to maximize the sales staff’s performance.   At Interclean, sales staff will be provided feedback on their performance during weekly meetings with their managers, during a mid-year discussion and an end of the year performance review.   Set up as informal coaching sessions, the weekly meetings will provide the sales professional with detailed feedback on overall weekly sales results and trending, number of new sales accounts contracted, and compliance ratio numbers.   The coaching sessions allow the sales professional to identify any potential obstacles, such as lack of regulatory and compliance knowledge.   The manager can step in and contact human resources for additional individualized training if an in class training session has not already been set up.   By meeting frequently, the manager and sales professional can review potential challenges and have them corrected immediately.   Due to the frequency of these meetings, each meeting may only last 30 minutes to one hour.    
If the sales professional is not obtaining the desired goals, the manager may decide to place the sales professional on a performance improvement plan (PIP).   This PIP will provide the sales professional with a detailed plan of how to improve sales while maintaining an acceptable OSHA regulatory compliance ratio.   As an example, a PIP may show that the sales professional is required to make 10 daily outbound calls to prospective new accounts, set up three daily appointments and close one new client account per week.   The PIP will provide the sales manager and the sales professional a benchmark to review and improve performance.
The mid-year discussion will be a formal discussion between the manager and the sales professional, lasting for about one and half hours.   Prior to the discussion, the employee will complete and turn...