Week 3

There are many befits for the UNITED STATES using solar energy.
By George Roland
June 12, 2011

Some of the benefits are it will help develop many much needed jobs that will stay in the UNITED STATES; it will help free America from dependency on foreign oil, at the same time it will help ease the environmental burden of drilling for oil and stop us from ruining our wetlands. The benefits are immediate and long-lasting.   Some of the benefits for going solar are, once the panels are purchased for your house you will enjoy Energy independence, energy savings will make your home value go up.

The UNITED STATES has a moral duty to try free us from foreign oil because many Americans are having a hard time paying for heating oil and gas for their cars. Because the cost of oil is so high Americans have less money to spend on everything else, many people believe that this is one of the reason the UNITED STATES is going thru a rescission. If the government could get solar energy to point where everybody could afford it, we would not need any oil from anybody.

The biggest dilemma when it comes to solar heat is the startup cost, Solar energy is easy to make and clean to use, and cheaper than the electricity you buy from your utility company but there is the startup cost, the cost of the panels and the cost to install them, The fact is that now you can   turn an average house into a solar house would cost $28.000 the government does give you an $8.400 credit but with $15,400 left to pay it is out of reach to the average American, for now but with more research who knows the price may drop down so that a more people could afford them, making it as common to see these panels on a house, as a power line going to it.

We have to stop ripping up our wetlands we need to find a diffract form of fuel to use and it seems...