Week 3

Ethics and Compliance Paper

Sonya Flint

Katovia Reeves
Brian Seminar
Harrison Wall

FIN/370 Finance for Business

February 10, 2011
John Kadlec

Ethics and Compliance

      Ethics and compliance is an important staple in many organizations across the country.   Without ethics and compliance, coworkers could steal from the company and can get away with it.   Employees could harm one another and not have to worry about the consequence.   An employee working in the financial department could alter records to show the company made less than it did, whereas he or she kept the unrecorded funds for personal use.   In this paper, team B will take a look inside Starbucks’ ethical and financial departments and touch upon a few things, such as assessing the role of ethics and compliance in Starbucks’ financial environment, describing the procedures Starbucks has in place to ensure ethical behavior, and identifying the processes Starbucks uses to comply with SEC regulations.   Also being discussed will be Starbucks’ financial performance during the last two years, using financial ratios (University of Phoenix, 2011).
The Role of Ethics and Compliance
Starbucks has in place what it calls Business Ethics and Compliance.   Business Ethics and Compliance is a something that pushes the mission of Starbucks protects its reputation by providing resources that help employees/partners of Starbucks make ethical decisions while in the workplace.   The program makes and sends out awareness materials, including the Standards of Business Conduct.
    The Standards of Business Conduct is a resource sent to employees/partners in an effort to assist them in making the best decisions at work.   The standards are an overview of some of Starbucks’ expectations to conduct business, consistent with Starbucks’ vision.
    The Standards of Business Conduct provide a look at some of the ethical and legal standards employees/partners are expected to follow while in the workplace.   These...