Week #3 Quiz

Creating a Plan for Positive Influence
LRD/531 - Organizational Leadership
June 11, 2012
Jerry Kuhn

Creating a Plan for Positive Influence
      The team will be working on a project for the company, and it will take approximately a year to complete. While doing the project the team will be looking for ways to increase the team’s motivation, satisfaction, and performance. Issues to pay attention to are the differences in attitudes, emotions, personalities, and values among the people in the group, and the differences that influence behavior. With the team working together for a year these differences need to be effectively addressed to have a positive influence on the team.
Team’s Motivation, Satisfaction, and Performance
      Increase in motivation, satisfaction, and performance within the team is important to keep the project moving on pace towards completion. Ways to increase motivation would be to support team member’s ideas; an incentive for the completion on time; and encourage the maximum performance from each team member while working towards the team goal. When getting team members to become motivated within a team can be difficult if they do not want to be on the team. So encouraging that person to think of ways to do the project will get him or her to participate and involved in the team project. Supporting the team member’s ideas will allow him or her to see that someone is paying attention to the ideas and possibly come up with more ideas. Developing an incentive will set a goal along with the completion of the project, money.
      Ways to increase satisfaction among the team members are giving the team enough time to complete the project, giving enough details that the project can be completed, and applause the team members when they have completed steps of the project. By giving the team enough time to complete the project will allow the team members to work at a steady pace. If the team is rushed then the project may not be completed to...