Week 3 Hrm Analyze a Job

December 3, 2012
MEMORANDUM FOR: Hiring Manager
FROM:   Compliance Department
1234 Main Street
Anywhere Town, MI 48567

SUBJECT:   Operational Gap
This memorandum is to inform the hiring manager of ABC Auto Finance of the large amount of fraud identified in our portfolio.   The fraud includes dealer misrepresentations, straw purchases and identity thefts that are occurring in our business.   We are currently unable to thoroughly investigate our current portfolio for these frauds.   We believe that issue needs to be addressed immediately. ABC Auto Finance is dedicated to finding the best qualified candidates with a background in financial services.   ABC Auto Finance is currently in need of a Fraud Risk Manager that has a fraud background.
Position Details
The Fraud Risk Manager will be responsible for developing and implementing business related fraud techniques and solutions that prevent, detect, and mitigate fraudulent activity which compromises or threatens the business interests of ABC Auto Loan.   The manager will provide leadership and direction to the Fraud Risk Management Department personnel by coordinating investigative efforts for both internal and employee fraud and acquisition and portfolio fraud through analysis of ABC Auto Finance documents & records.  
Duties and Performance Requirements
The Fraud Risk Manager will addressing all fraud related allegations with timely resolution and proper filing requirements as mandated by the OCC and other federal regulatory agencies.   They will provide leadership in the development of fraud detection techniques that reduce exposure and maximize dealer related recoveries on misrepresentations and identity thefts.   The Fraud Risk Manager will support the Retail Credit Department by investigating Retail Credit offerings to insure that proper fraud prevention and Red Flag Identity theft procedures are working as defined.   The position will providing leadership in the development and documentation of...