Week 1

When you look for leaders of a town or city you would look towards the Mayor. The Mayor of my town is Debra McCartt, and she has served as City commissioner from 2001-2005. She is a member of many organizations and is employed by the Texas Tech School of Medicine as the Senior Director of Community Relations. One of these organizations that she is a member of is the Eveline Rivers Project, where she is a board member. This project helps with the community by supplying several different projects throughout the year. Some of these projects include a Toy Run, Christmas Project and Coats and Hats.
When looking at my neighborhood I would have to say that it is primarily a mixed ethnic group, but when I look at the fact finder under the census website I have to disagree with it. The reason why I say this is that there may be a possibility that not everyone reported the information to the census. I have to say that I don’t get out as much as other people do but I have noticed when I take my children to their different schools I have noticed that there are more Hispanic and Oriental relations than other races at the Elementary school and there are more Hispanic races at the middle school in my area. Yet according to the U.S. Census Bureau it states that Caucasians (Whites) are the majority of this area which is 16,060 in my zip code area.
I have to say that the majority of many of the races have came over here due to slavery, wars or even just to start fresh with their lives. The reason why I say this is because I believe that is why most of them are here. Before we go into the slavery and other material, let’s look at the Native Americans and how they use to over populate the United States before it became the United States. Indians or Native Americans use to be the majority of this land, until the new settlers came here. After awhile armies would come along and try to take out these “savages”. I believe in all that this was wrong, and the reason why I say this is...