To Manjit,
                  Today is your wedding day a big day for you a start of a new life where you will be leaving the old and entering in to the new and unknown. I know you have been through a lot in your life most of it not good but some of it unforgettable. Most people don’t understand you but I think I do now, your not a bad person in fact you have a big kind heart that can forgive anything and anyone. I know you can’t sleep or think sometimes because you always have a lot on your mind and that’s how you always end up making yourself ill. Now is the chance for you to start a fresh I call it starting again but not forgetting your past as in family, friends and foe.
You will be okay because you know how to take care for yourself and be strong but now you have Anu to take care of you and you of him. In this world nothing matters apart from your family especially your man who must always come first and u too no matter what anyone says. ( I hate him he’s taking you away from meeeeee) .You are my sister not my cousin you have always been here for me and I thank you for that because you never judge anyone and I know you have a big big   heart. I don’t like it when you put yourself down your worth millions so don’t you ever feel like anything is your fault. I know how you must be feeling right now but don’t you worry all the sadness will pass.
Hope you have the best day of your life today and make it one to remember because when you look back at this day at least you can say I did it my way.

This is how I see u,

One day there was a beautiful princes locked up in a tower she use to stay in her room all day and feel sad about everything then one sunny day she looked out of the tower window and she saw a prince and they both fell in love. However the princess was not going to make it easy for the prince to take her after all she had been through the prince had to prove how deep was his love for her so their were ups and there were downs , they both had to...