Website Review

E207 Subject knowledge and professional practice in primary schools.

Website review

Use this form to report on two of the three websites that you visited.

Create a form for each website.

Post the two forms on your e-group forum.

|Student name:       |                                                  |Date:               |                                                  |

Name and URL of website:

|The School Run                                                                                                                           |
|                                                                                     |

|Topic:                         |Biology - The five senses                                                                                 |
|Keywords                       |What are the five senses?                                                                                 |
|for search                     |                                                                                                           |

Ease of finding the site:

|I used the google search engine to input my keywords and the school run webpage was on the first page and indicated as the 'senses       |
|explained for children', therefore was quite easy to get directed into the website.                                                       |

Attractiveness of the site (appearance, tone, style, etc.):

|The website is qutie colourful and clearly headed into different subheadings   such as   definition,   top 10   facts and interesting       |
|information. It has selection of pictures and videos, activities for children   to   do   and   many   other links for further study, which is|
|useful both for adults and children. The texts directly address the reader for example   by   the use of phrases like 'think about what     |
|happens when your…' as well as by using subheadings like 'See...