Website Global Market Shares, Strategy and Forecasts to 2016

The Website industry comprises establishments mainly engaged in publishing and/or broadcasting content on the Internet exclusively and web search portals. This does not include non-internet versions of published or broadcasted data. The data may be in a textual, audio or video form.

Publishing on the internet covers a broad range of content by advertisers and publishers like periodical advertising, educational content like journals and medical publishing, informative content like news, magazine, newsletter publishing and financial magazines. It also includes entertainment sites like social media, gaming, comic book, art and travel publishing exclusively on the internet. Internet publishing and broadcasting also includes broadcasting on the internet in the form of audio or video like internet radio stations.

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The broadcasting market was the largest market accounting for $XX billion followed by publishing with $XX billion. This was due to high demand for radio and TV programs in most parts of the world. The information services market was the third largest of the selected industries in 2015, accounting for $XX billion.

The Americas was the largest geographic market in the website market in 2015, accounting for $XX billion or XX% of the global market. The Americas is the largest market because of high internet penetration in the USA and Canada which are XX% and XX% respectively that mainly led the market. Asia was the second largest geographic market, accounting for $XX billion or XX% of the globalmarket. Europe was the third largest geographic market, accounting for $XX billion or XX% of the global market....