Webber and Borland arrive at the car dealership.
Car sales assistant: hello officers, how may I help you today?
Borland: Well, my friend here Webber is looking to buy a new car.
Car sales assistant: What is the price you are looking to spend on your car?
Webber: Well I’m looking for a used car, around $7000 in pretty good shape.
Car sales assistant: Well follow me this way.
Webber and Borland follow the car sales assistant, until they arrive at the show room floor. Once they arrive on the showroom floor Borland looks at the car sales assistants badge.
Borland: So James?
Car Sales assistant (James): Yes officer?
Borland: Would you mind having a little chat with me, in private?
Car Sales assistant (James): Sure officer.
Borland and James walk into a separate room, while Webber continues to look around.
Webber continues to look around, until he walks up to the door to hear what they’re talking about.
Borland: Well how much do you reckon you can get of the car for my friend out there?
Car Sales assistant (James): Why are you thinking I can just make a deal with you?
Borland: We could have busted this joint a couple of times you know.
Car Sales assistant (James): Well you’re doing something illegal too here and you’re meant to be an enforcer of the law.
Borland: Well I might start enforcing the law by taking this place out of here and then you would be jobless.
Car Sales assistant (James): You’re putting me in a really hard position here, seeing that it is my dad’s business and I would be the blame if you did bust it.
Borland: So can you just give my mate a discount if he buys a car here?
Car Sales assistant (James): I guess I could as it wouldn’t be hurting anyone.
Webber backs away from the door and continues looking at the cars.
Borland and the Car Sales assistant (James) walk out of the door, a few minutes later.
Borland: Found any cars you like spider.
Webber: Nar not yet mate.
Car Sales assistant (James): Well if you need any help I will...