We Need Real

We Need Real Reading
——Fiction Reading Habits on Young Adults

Online reading nowadays has become a necessity instead of a luxury. With information's spread has been speeding up, young people's reading is changing, too. Audience tends to skip faster and more generally. This kind of reading mode is called “shallow reading". As the popularity of television culture, people are used to get information rapidly and accurately from videos or films. In contrast to pictures and videos, Words are so boring and lack of images. Sometimes words even can be misunderstood. Spending so much time on 500 pages nonsense is such a dull decision, which is most young people always complaining about. Super adding that the Internet spirit has led people's daily lives, shallow reading will be the main reading method for many young adults. But when we read novels or fictions with great literariness, reading too fast cannot help to understand implications, and even more, to enjoy and appreciate greatness of a piece of work. Although this will help people get the main ideas, reading too fast still has lots of problem. We need real deep reading, as we need deep independent thinking in silent and peaceful environment.

When we skim or scan a long introduction to constellation or other specific academic programs, maybe we can catch the core message in minutes. We need skimming skills in order to eliminate useless information. Numerous pieces of knowledge is packed perfectly by free online lexicographer. What we want is a platform to obtain huge amounts of information, and the Internet does, so It is the Internet that habituate us to choose shallow reading. According to Nicholas Carr in his book The Shallows: “what the net seems to be doing is chipping away my capacity for concentration and contemplation” (p.6).

Subtopic1 Fast-food-reading mode will let people be impatient with long paragraph reading. 
A nonofficial research on Asian teenagers reading habits in 2013...