We Can Lose Our Identity and Sense of Belonging When Our Environment Changes- Growing Up Asian in Australia

We can lose our identity and sense of belonging when our environment changes

Within the lives of every individual there are groups of people who help us to give a deeper understanding of who we are as a person. These groups can stem of friendships, hobbies, family, age and cultural heritage. Sometimes these factors define who we are as an individual and other times it’s what we choose to do and follow that defines our identity. The question is does environment play any role when it comes to identity and a sense of belonging?
This is a story of a girl named Violet Viola Violent
Violet Violent was a typical sixteen year old teenager, she had light blonde curly hair, clear blue eyes and athletic yet slim body, what made her different to any other teenager? Well, young Violet had super powers. She had the ability to teleport through time and space. She lived on planet Krypton with her uncle, Clark Kent, who is superman. Everyone on planet Krypton had super powers and was known as super beings as they had similar appearance to human beings on planet earth. . Violet’s parents Chris also known as Captain America and Jeremy, the Hawkeye were on a secret mission on planet earth, to save mankind.   Since the mission was taking longer than expected, they decided to get Violet to leave Krypton and join them on earth. Violet had happily agreed to move to earth but little did she know what she was getting herself into.
Since Violet had just turned sweet sixteen, she had to attend school just like any other teenager. So that the parents cover wasn’t blown. On the night before her first day at school, Violet was very nervous but at the very time, filled with excitement as she had never been in a room full of human beings in all her life, she had been surrounded with super beings.
First day at school, Violet was very confused as she wasn’t familiar with the whole concept of using books, stationeries and other school resources in order to complete assigned tasks.   She hated...