We Are the World

We Are The World   by Jacobi Lewis

We may not want to accept the yoke of responsibility for our contribution to our deteriorating evironmental standard. But mankind's lack of stewardship for his evironment is blatantly clear with: pollution, deforestation and greenhouse gases. This causes the earth's natural balance to be upset, resulting in Global Warming (an umbrella term for global climate change in reference to past patterns in history, -studies show that our environment is changing more rapidly now than it has in the same time frame in the past.)
As we become more technologically advanced, we are living longer and we have the highest global population alive ever in history. With so may countries becoming more industrialized, we are polluting our environment exponentially with our 'toss away' modern society. Factories produce man-made plastics and packaging of products that are used in almost every aspect of our daily lives, only to be thrown away when no longer useful. These products and packaging do not naturally decompose and end up in landfills polluting our water from toxic chemicals in the runoff that goes into our streams and rivers and eventually into our water supply and incinerators that burn the cast offs and put toxic chemicals into our air.
The huge population demands more of our natural resources than ever to be used for our modern comforts. Trees are an integral part of our ecosystem; they clean our air, protect from soil erosion and provide habitat for animals. Something as simple as building a home requires about five trees.   Start doing the math, NASA says we have roughly 400 billion trees on earth-we are growing in global population by about 1 billion per year-and you see that we don't have enough trees to meet the continual demand in the future, or to fulfill the need for them in our natural world. The natural balance becomes upset and the quality of our natural resources fall, destabilizing the whole ecological system, affecting our...