We All Need to Belong

“We all need to belong”
How do the texts you have studied reinforce the need to belong? In your answer- you should make references to the different ways the composers have represented belonging.

The notion of belonging is a human desire engrained within society; directing the course and quality of life we uphold. It is true that we all need to belong, driving a sense of identity and positive self esteem. Both Steven Herrick in his verse novel “The Simple Gift” and Uncle Kracker In his lyrics “Smile” encompass literacy and dramatic techniques to explore the struggles undertaken in order to achieve belonging and reap the rewards attained.

The Simple Gift follows each of the three central characters Billy, Caitlin and Old Bil whom are all isolated in a particular aspect of their lives. Whilst family are for many, a refuge, Herrick establishes early on that Billy feels alienated in his family environment and his father, made apparent in chapter 1 'Cold' and 'force of a father's punch.' Further Herrick's use of emotive description 'one hard backhander across the face' in Sport results in Billy taking the steps to become homeless.
Enjambment in the poem 'Men' portrays Billy's broken relationship with his father 'other men, men like my dad.'

A lack of shelter, food and clothing causes Billy to face countless challenges. Billy's narrative voice “i'm poor, homeless, but i'm not stupid” in 'Lunch' vocalises Billy's determination to overcome these challenges and isolation and homeless, catalysed by his hostile environment. Billy uses metaphoric language and a reflective tone 'I.d.i.o.t hunched under the bow praying for morning and sunshine'; demonstrating his difficult path of alienation in his environment and yearning to find acceptance.

Herrick also explores themes of belonging, of which Billy experiences a connection to people with. Billy draws upon sixteen year old schoolgirl Caitlin as an individual who shares similar values to he and whom can draw a...