Ways to Maintain Healthy Lifestyle

Ways to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle
Health is such an important issue to all of us. What is quality of life if health is less than optimal? When we try to figure out how to stay healthy, what is the starting point of good health or disease? Why is it that some people are very healthy and others are not? Of course genetics plays a certain role, but there has to be more to it. Healthy really begins in our consciousness. What we think about ourselves, good or bad, is what is created in life. Energy follows what is focussed on, so if it is thought that sickness is the norm, the sickness is what will be created and vice-versa. Consciousness is the beginning, but as we know, being proactive in our health and creating a healthy lifestyle is where the rubber meets the road.
We tend to spend millions of dollars every year maintaining health and wellness. Just take a look at the increase in the number of health supplements and other related products advertised in the media. This was unimaginable a few decades ago. Obesity was rare and people were much more active. I remember when I was young,   it was hard to find any friends who were obese. Television was new and there were no computers. We walked more and worked in jobs that were more physical. However, now our food industry has become more processed and anything fast in considered good. Anyone who did yoga or was a vegetarian ten or fifteen years ago was far out of the mainstream and considered weird. In the 1940s and 50s, new drugs were coming into the market and science held such promise for cures for all types of health problems. The environment has changed through the decades and we have changed with it, not always for the better when it comes to healthy lifestyles.
There are several aspects of lifestyle that can really shape how we feel and are essential in promoting good health in our daily lifestyle. Firstly, we must have a positive attitude with a spiritual connection towards life. This is directly related to...