Ways & Means to Minimize Accidents on Roads

Ways & means to minimize accidents on roads :

Road side accidents are among the major causes of mortality all over the world. This is an alarming issue as many people lose their lives at a very young age due to motor vehicle accidents. It is believed that inexperienced drivers and intoxication while driving are two major causes of road accidents. Solutions such as careful licensing of drivers and strict measures to reduce drunk driving will be analysed for viability.
First of all it is considered that the major cause of road accidents is young and untrained drivers driving the vehicle. Many adolescents start driving without proper training and at a young age. For example, in countries such as India there are no defined driving tests for acquiring driving license. Further, there is no lower age limit defined for driving. However, in countries like Australia, there are very strict driving tests required for licensing and children cannot drive before the age of eighteen. Statistically, it is confirmed that the number of road accidents occurring in Australia is 40 % less than in India. Thus proper licensing of individuals appears as a promising solution to this problem.
Secondly, it is believed that the main cause of traffic accidents is drunk driving. Many people drive vehicles under the influence of alcohol, leading to loss over their motor control and road accidents. For instance, a research was carried out at a hospital in New York, U.S.A. and it was observed that more than 60% cases of automobile accidents were reported on Friday and Saturday evenings. Moreover, alcohol was detected in blood samples of almost 80% of drivers. Therefore it is recommended that heavy penalties should be applied to drivers who are drunk. Governments should also implement strict rules such as breath alcohol concentration tests to prevent motor vehicle accidents.
To conclude, it can be said that road accidents are a preventable cause of death and if governments implement strict...