Dehydrating Conflict

In this article its main point is understanding how, and why water is so importance to our everyday lives, and the dangerous effects it can have if two independent nations are fighting over the same water supply for survival.
Water is the key to life, and everything we know nothing cannot live with out it and yet it is the building block compound for all things, but as water can be created it also can be destroyed and abused.
Today in the world society we use water in five different ways the first way in just being able to consume it and drink it with out have to add, or remove anything from it unless the water is contaminated of course but that’s another point.
The second way that water is used is the ability to use the earths seas, rivers, and oceans etc as a travel system for goods, people, military uses, and outher things in which is huge because there is no tool booth in the middle of the ocean so it is extremely affordable to use water as a transporting tool.
The third way that people use water is food we use water to grow are agricultural crops and also give water for the animals that people raise for food as well so no water no food, and no food well thats not going to end well for people with no water for themselvs nor their animals, and crops.

The forth thing that water is use for is in our sewage and purification facilitates with out this use of water the same water that we would use for cleaning are dishes, and the same water that would be used in a toilet would end up being the same water that we would have to drink if it not for this huge point.

The last and final use for water is the ability to use larger amounts of water in are manufacturing fields in which water is use in cooling down products at a fast rate which speeds up the production of the
So all in all water is the key to everything and people have been fighting over it since the dawn of mankind. If we don’t take action more blood will be shed in the name...