Water Usage Persuasive Essay

Canada - Buoyant in Blue Gold

It’s a habitat for millions of different organisms and living creatures. It’s life’s most basic commodity.   It’s a necessity to live.   It’s required to exist.   Water.   If water is so important to humanity then why do countries   find it necessary to waste so much of it?   Canada has been graced with the global opportunity to possess more than “20 percent of the earth’s fresh water” (Morrison, 460) although it is rapidly decreasing.   Countries waste the precious resource and damage their   landscapes in the process.   Canada has to deal with our own water-saving issues and battle with global warming as well as constantly being pressured by other countries to sell and share our water.   Canada should   instead should be focusing on the fact that by getting involved in what seems like a peaceful and selfless plan, we are in turn putting ourselves and our future generation’s lives at stake.

The Great Lake’s water supply is extremely vast but unfortunately only a very small portion of it is renewed annually from precipitation.   The Great Lakes have an abundance of this element and countries are climbing over each other hoping to buy a little bit of life from Canada.   Is it odd to anyone else that this is what our world is?   Other countries waste their water every single day.   They are careless and negligent about how they’re using water.   Letting the bathroom tap run while they’re brushing their teeth, having automatic sprinkler’s on even when it’s raining outside because they’re too lazy to make the effort to conserve the resource.   Then they come begging Canada for some water because we have so much of this “liquid wealth” (Morrison 462).   Maybe if other countries weren’t so reckless   and had cherished and taken care of their water sources they had to begin with, then they wouldn’t find it necessary to continually badger our country to be nice and share and “grow up” (Morrison 462).   The topic of Canada selling water as an export is a...