Wasteland Movie


In the movie wasteland, there are a large number of self-employed workers who are known as the catadores. The   workers get a living from collecting and selling recyclable materials from the dumpsite. The film describes the catadores as poor people who need to have a transformation and intervention in their lives. The catadores have two different groups.
The first group is the ACAMJG(Association of the Catadores in Jardim Gramacho). This is a group of the catadores, which has some political projects and goes beyond Rio to defy the catadores image. The main need of this group is to defy the catadores image, which is seen as a person who only survives by collecting garbage from the dump, since they do not know another life. The group however had an impact, where it registered more than a thousand people in three years. The group started producing their own newspaper. The group negotiated funds and land at both the local and national levels where they intended to build a recycling center. This was aimed at making the catadores operate a cooperative independently, where they could sell their material without having the scrap metal dealers.  
The second group in the movie is the aguardando, who only waited with hopes that ACAMJG will achieve all its goals. Their main need is that they have grown very frustrated with the slow pace that they have in their own implementation of a recycling plant. This is in contrast to the fact that the NGO’s and the state agencies approach the ACAMJG with different projects. In a meeting held between the secretary of environment and ACAMJG discussing a permit required to build some additional shed, one catador had many frustrations that he interrupted the meeting claiming that they got their daily food off recycling.
Projects in the film
A CAMJG has created their own life projects. The Association of the Catadores in Jardim Gramacho has decided to accommodate more workless catadores....