Was Russia on the Verge of Revolution Before War Broke Out in 1914?

Before war broke out in 1914, it can be argued that Russia was already on the verge of revolution. REST OF JOINING INTRO?
However, although it can be a very convincing argument that Russia was on the verge of revolution before the war broke out in 1914, this was mainly only in a political and social sense, economically, Russia was not on the verge of revolution before war broke out in 1914.

Russia faced many political challenges in the years leading in up to 1914. These challenges led to Russia facing political hardships, eventually leading them to the verge of revolution when war broke out in 1914. No one agreed about the type of constitution and the government abolition of the Duma. This created political tension as there was not set form of government other than the temporary provisional government. Similarly, the lack of willingness to compromise left Russia in hardship as it was also the deputies who wanted revolution and not reform. Because people in role model positions were encouraging revolution, this propaganda led the Russian people in a political decline. It can also be noted that the liberals were a driving force behind the revolution in Russia; they no longer sought an alliance with workers which led to the workers turning to revolution to relieve their anger. Also, the liberal intelligentsia was excluded from participation; because of this, they liberal supporters resorted to anger and revolution, rather than seeking reform. Another political group that encouraged young revolutionaries was the Bolsheviks. As the Bolsheviks gained support at the expense of the Mensheviks, they appealed to young radicals, leading to revolution in Russia. Again, it can be seen that the Tsarist government was ineffective and oppressive, leading to a disagreement of the peoples, and mass revolution. Although the Bolsheviks were not well organised and police agents arrested them, they still managed to spread their influence before they were shut down. As it can be...